May A Window Of God's Light Always Surprise You


Post-Covid Ministry at Aisling Retreat House 
During Covid, the retreat house was closed for programs but the office was open the whole time. Thus, we were very full-time with psychotherapy and spiritual guidance sessions and continue to be so. 
We will not update the website until mid-August, 2021 and will schedule new programs starting mid-September. If a group requests us to do a program during the summer we are open to it. We are also giving 2 long retreats of 6 days and 5 nights - one in July and one the first week in August. There are still openings for the August retreat. 


Do you wish there was someone with whom you could share your “wonderings” about God and life, your doubts, your desire for more meaningful prayer? That is the role of a spiritual director – to listen WITH you to the stirrings of God’s Spirit and the questions of your own heart. Spiritual direction is not just for “holy” people, but for anyone who wants a spiritual companion on the wondrous, mystical, heart-breaking journey of life and faith. Call 410-239-7138 or email us for more information or to set up an appointment to explore spiritual direction..